Eversource Upgrades 2018

  • Proposed Transmission Upgrades

  • Eversource intends to submit a petition to the Connecticut Siting Council (CSC) for the Project at the end of March. If approved, we would plan to start construction on the Project this fall and complete the work in mid to late 2019.

  • Eversource states they will be starting door-to-door outreach very soon to notify property owners along the route about the proposed work.

    Property owners who have questions can contact the Eversouce Transmission Hotline at telephone
    1-800-793-2202 or Email Eversource Transmission Line Info

  • If approved the project will provide upgrades to the towns of Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, Old Saybrook, Essex and Killingworth. The project is called the Green Hill to Bokum Upgrade Project, and it involves replacing structures along the 1342 transmission line corridor as well as installing a new communication wire.

  • The 1342 line consists of 122 transmission structures between the Green Hill Substation in Madison and the Bokum Substation in Old Saybrook. The line is approximately 11.3 miles in length and traverses through Madison, Killingworth, Clinton, Westbrook, Essex, and Old Saybrook. Out of the 122 structures, it was determined 116 require replacement either due to structural integrity issues or to meet current mandatory national and regional reliability standards. The existing wood poles will be replaced with steel poles.

    In addition to replacing the transmission structures, a communication wire called Optical Ground Wire, or OPGW, is proposed to be installed to replace a static ground wire. This wire is being installed to improve communication between substations to increase reliability.

  • Westbrook Details

  • - Replace 4.1 miles of equipment
    - Replace 41 existing wood poles to steel monopoles
    - Replace 8 structures
    - Install new access roads and work pads
    - Clear (as needed) vegetation, within the 150" right or way areas to facilitate work
    - Install new communication wire

  • Proposed Project Schedule

  • - Eversource intends to file a Petition with the Connecticut Siting Council (CSC) in March 2018.

    - Approval needed by the CSC. If approved:
    Construction is anticipated to start in summer / fall of 2018.

    - Construction planned to be complete by spring / summer of 2019.

    - Restoration of work areas may continue into the summer/fall of 2019.