• Tropical Storm/Hurricane Preparedness

  • Westbrook residents are encouraged to take appropriate steps with their preparedness and actions if necessary when a Tropical Storm or Hurricane is forecast to effect the town. This threat is valid through November.

    NOTE: Facial Masks are REQUIRED inside any emergency shelter, regardless if you have been vaccinated.

    For more information go to:
    1. Click on Hurricane Preparedness Information

    2. Click on the left tab Hurricane 101/Evacuation

    3. Tabs to the left provide you complete information to prepare for these weather events and other disasters.

  • No Power? – Activate Your Emergency Power Plans

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  • Power loss to your home can occur at anytime of the year as an isolated incident (motor vehicle accident, power line issue, etc) or regional/wide area due to a inclement weather event.

    Regardless of the nature, Westbrook residents are encouraged to have an appropriate plan and supplies for at least 5-7 days, regardless of the month. This could include a generator, staying with neighbors, friends or family.

    In addition you need to notify Eversource of your outage at 1-800-286-2000, App or website.

    Please check on your family, friends and neighbors and offer assistance as needed.

    • Emergency Notifications

      It’s free, confidential and its how we notify you of severe life threating, emergency conditions in Westbrook. You can add your cell phone, text and/or email for notifications. Seasonal guests are encouraged to add their Westbrook address when registering on the system.

    • For more information,
      go to CT ALERT

    • Social Media Facebook and Twitter

      Follow Emergency Management to receive regular information on events and other activities that affect the Town of Westbrook. Adjust your Push Notifications to automatically receive our information on your cell phone, computer and other electronic devices.